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Founded in 1986, Barry Kronen Designs has been at the forfront of fashion and jewelery over 20 years. Today, Kronen owns and runs his own manufacturing plant in South Florida, with the help of his wife Michele, and daughter Stephanie, who has modeled for some of Kronen's ad campaigns.

All Kronen designed jewelry is handcrafted in his factory in South Florida (Made in the U.S.A.) From the precise skill of every diamond setter, to the expertise of each bench jeweler, Kronen is determined to achive no less than superior craftsmanship for every piece he creates.

Barry Kronen Designs features a diverse portfolio, consisting of modern meets vintage inspired jewelry. With his unique skill as a premier designer, Kronen has once again found a way to make the old new. The lates collection in his repertoire is "Natura"... Barry Kronen, once again proves himself a presence to be reckoned with. In keeping with his modern twist on classic designs, he has created the "Natura" collection - a fusion of femininity and the simplicity found in nature showcased in a variety of covetable designs.

Barry Kronen

Founded in 1986, Barry Kronen Designs has been at the forefront of fashion and jewelry for over 20 years.



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